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About Nicole VandeBoom

Life-ish Stuff: I'm a Chicago girl raising my family in the heart of the best city in the world. I love writing, dark chocolate, my kids, reading, communications, research, la croix, sarcasm, satire, tequila, news, tattoos, and naps.

Businessey Stuff: I'm great at adapting tone based on the needs of a client. I'm a firm believer in the oxford comma. I believe using a story to evoke empathy and engage clients and customers is a sure-fire way to get your message across. Sometimes I teach children things like writing and Pilates. I'm addicted to volunteering. 

My latest projects

Latest Writing


kale avocado diet

I find myself inundated with discussions of body image, weight, diets, plastic surgery, salads, and obsession. In my teens and twenties this was my own private battle. I didn’t have a team. I didn’t have comrades. My thirties find recruitment efforts at an all-time high.


i wrote a book. now what?

As I typed the words Epilogue, I couldn’t quite believe it. I took a moment to just stare at that word and the blinking cursor after it. I’d really done it. 

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